When I first became a mom two years ago, I was surprised to find it was much easier to share about my early experiences of motherhood with friends who hadn’t lived an experience of motherhood to draw from. Conversations with mothers often felt heavy, rather than hopeful. 

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A Gift Every Mother Needs

I’m in the process of a large lifestyle transition and felt I was due a check-in that might help unload some thoughts I am still processing. Here’s what I’m learning:

It’s a wrap to year two of motherhood for me today. As a mom to a two year old, and a little in Heaven who was also expected to arrive this month, my ponderings surrounding motherhood have once again undergone refinement and expansion.

I want to take some time to re-introduce Craft and Being because it has since matured from its original mission. Musicians have the opportunity to evolve with each album. Artists, with each collection. Writers, with each new book. I’d love to give this project a chance to accompany myself as I grow in my craft, […]

Last month, I officially celebrated one entire year of self-employment. I had dreamt of being in charge of my time, working with dream clients, and experiencing it all in our home alongside my family since I was in high school. I’m grateful for experiences that keep me forever a student. I’d love to reflect on steps I took in business ownership, starting a project, or beginning any sort of creative endeavour. These are practices I go back to in order to cultivate my inner creative being.

We held our reception at Hope Community Church. We were looking for a blank canvas we could make our own, and found one only a ten minute drive away from our parish! Estelle, the coordinator at Hope was such a delight to work with, we’re forever grateful for her warmth and hospitality. Our venue provided […]

I can’t recommend Jayme enough for creating and capturing such beautiful memories for us from this day. She made a delightful experience out of the hour long shoot in scorching summer heat. We loved our photos so much, we created a coffee table book out of them — more to share on this later! I’m […]

We held our wedding at home. It was so special to celebrate this day at the parish where we had both grown up. Our wedding celebration welcomed family from the Philippines, California, Alberta, and other parts of the States. We were able to accommodate 250 of our family and friends on this special day, and […]

It’s surreal to be taking a trip down memory lane, and writing this post on our seven year dating anniversary. It’s been almost three years since this day, so I hope I can recall and encapsulate as many of the little details in this journal entry. Mike and I got married at 23 and 26. […]

Mike and I find delight in visiting open spaces. These spaces remind us of God’s greatness, and how vast and endless the possibilities are in our lives. Here, we enjoy the simplicity of quality conversation. Mud Bay is one of our favourites. It looks different every season, in high tide, in low tide, at sunrise […]

Mike proposed on December 22, 2018. We had prepared for that moment long before then, so to answer those who have asked if I knew it was coming, the answer is YES! I knew around a year before it happened because we talked about it all the time and we have had an incredible support […]