Re-Introducing Craft + Being

April 18, 2022

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I want to take some time to re-introduce Craft and Being because it has since matured from its original mission. Musicians have the opportunity to evolve with each album. Artists, with each collection. Writers, with each new book. I’d love to give this project a chance to accompany myself as I grow in my craft, and evolve as a human being.

It’s been just over one year since I registered this domain. At the time, I intended for Craft and Being to become a space to house my freelance marketing and brand design services. I began working with small retail businesses and faith-based organizations with a lot of excitement and vigour. It’s been such an honour to serve clients I have long dreamt of working with. These were daydreams I entertained as I sat in my cubicle only two years ago. But along with major changes, come major learning curves and adjustments.

Several months in, I found myself relearning crucial lessons in boundary setting. At its peak, I was serving five clients, training three freelancers, and bringing on contractors up to speed with standards and processes. I was under the impression that every business needed to scale in order to be successful. Evidently, my health began to deteriorate, and time towards that which I consider most important became scarce. By default, I was no longer able to hold up the very reason I exchanged a traditional working setup for the self-employed life.

Through these realizations, Craft and Being has become even truer to its name. At its core, I intend for this journal to encourage me to make, to be fluid enough to be a continual work in progress, and to document the journey with all its highs and lows. With all the space I’ve been intentionally building in to learn and contemplate, this will become a diary of some sort for the field notes.

Image by Fino Prydz, Visual Artist from Norway

What can I expect to find here?

A documentation journal of my ongoing discoveries surrounding creativity, play, rest, and real life. You can expect to find:

  • Love notes to inspire me to pause, contemplate, and create
  • Helpful resources in my personal journey of healing and holistic wellness
  • Reflections on entrepreneurship, creativity, and unique contribution
  • Pragmatic considerations in our family rhythms and leisure
  • Musings in design and beauty

Will you still offer brand and marketing services?

Yes and no. Through the steep learning curve I had shared about above, I’ve narrowed in on services that have been life-giving, rather than depleting. I want to give myself permission not to hustle. Not to scale. But rather, to work in harmony with where I am called to be in this season.

I’ll be here, writing and creating in multiple disciplines. I am continuing to work with a select few clients in creative direction. I’ve also developed a love for coordinating brand experiences, events and workshops. I want to grow my craft in this area so I’m currently seeking a mentor to learn from.

I am always open to working with businesses and organizations that align with personal missions I feel called to support. If you have interest in working together or collaborating on a project, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Will you still offer mentorship sessions or personal coaching?

Yes, on a limited capacity. Similarly, this offering is predicated upon a relational fit and availability. If you are a woman dipping your toes into entrepreneurship or creative pursuits, and wanting to explore how to holistically and sustainably do this in harmony with all other parts of your life, let’s chat.

If you’ve stayed until the end, thank you so much for being here. You’ll begin to see my intentions expressed here gradually roll out. If you resonate with any of my work, I would love if you shared with me here via comments, or on Instagram. I plan to share more spur of the moment reflections over there.

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