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Hi, I’m Camille Mendoza. Craft and Being began as an online home for my marketing and design work. When I became a mom in May 2020, I sought out a way I could continue to develop my craft, sustain my excitement for learning and life, all while having the freedom to be with my little one as she navigated her early years. 

The more time I spent with her, the more I learned about how uniquely and wonderfully God had created me. He spoke to me in ways that stirred my heart to create. 

Through the many months of recalibrating, pivoting, and refining a sensitivity towards what my family and I need in the current season, I’m relearning many of the same lessons. Patterns that include cultivating a daily ease, a daily peace, a delight in the present moment, a continued impact, care. A rightly ordered life. A depth in relationships. A childlike adventurous spirit.  

I decided to expand this space to include both the ways I’m growing in my craft, and that which I’m discovering about being— the verb and the noun. 

As I log my discoveries, here you'll find many musings, journal entries, field notes if you will, of a daughter seeking to learn the Father’s heart. You’ll also find opportunities we might be able to COLLABORATE or PLAY alongside one another through one of our in-person creative workshops. 

I am passionate about integration of all areas of our lives. Living artfully and exploring our uniqueness and what makes us come alive. Bringing out our unique creativity and making the world more beautiful by what we each bring. 

This is a space to play, to make, and to contemplate. If you’re still reading, I hope you’ll join me in conversation, or that we eventually might be able to create something beautiful together!